Tuesday, October 02, 2007

1 new thing

THEY say it's good to learn something new everyday. THEY being those people everyone talks about but no one can put a name to them. THEY are really wise, smart, and THEY must be friendly because everyone seems to know of them. I have decided THEY aren't those things in M. Night Shyamalan's The Village.

THEY are are those little inklings that tell you at 7:30 am to read your camera manual before you go on the family trip of a lifetime. THEY tell you to check your camera, read the page about image stabilization, it's a darn Canon S2 IS (IS meaning Image Stabilizer). THEY tell you to check your IS setting, oh look, it's supposed to be on CONTINUOUS and it's NOT. How long has it been like that? Since the book says it's the default setting to be on, I have no idea, but it would explain a lot of bad pictures.
THEY are also the ones that tell you not to eat at Disneyland, because it's expensive. THEY also say to wear a fanny pack even if they are dorky. Do THEY know if lots of kids or grown-ups get lost at Disneyland? Do THEY know if we can take a city bus to, oh, anywhere from Disneyland? Do THEY know if the Victoria's Secret in Orange County sells body lotion or if it's just a lingerie store? I wish THEY were coming with us, and maybe bringing some Valium.

I'm getting ready, it's only 3 sleeps. Okay, it's 2 but I'm taking extra strength Gravol at the airport. We've done the basic 'Do this, Pack that' but we have also done the 'Don't say BOMB, as in Disneyland is going to be the BOMB' at the airport. And we've told them to pack lots of undies and socks, but only 1 pair of pants, because I plan on shopping and we can buy more pants.

And who knew every person in Kelowna would need US funds the last 2 weeks? Well, if you haven't got yours, forget it. I think the US funds should be reserved for people actually travelling to the US. I say produce your passport, tickets and proof of travel and you can have the money!
I have been writing down everything, things to get, to do, to see, people to send postcards to, people to buy souvinirs for and it's all been going in my cute little book. I better remember to toss it in my purse before we go or we are all doomed.

Oh and the best thing is that Shaun is sick. He's got a freakin' cold. Who gets a cold the week they go to Disneyland? MY KID. The one that stayed up late, and hasn't been eating properly, the one that I am pumping full of drugs and vitamins. Not a good start to the week or to his course.
These are my babies, sharing a love seat nap in the basement. Check out how their bums are touching! I love how Sally gets the pillow and 1/2 the loveseat even though Linus is twice her size. I will miss them so much or at least until I get on the Dumbo ride.

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