Friday, October 26, 2007

Never too much glitter

These are the cards for my Stamper's Groups this month. Lots of Heat and Stick and lots of Glitter.

I tried to get some fall pictures of the dogs, but they really weren't cooperating. Well, Sally was, but Linus doesn't understand the importance of getting a good shot for scrapbooking purposes. I love the snarly face Sally is making in the first picture, and I kind of like the back of Linus's head. If I see the back, that means he's not biting me.

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RAE said...

Love the snarly look LOL! I didn't know you had a retriever too. You've probably seen pics on POTP of my retriever, Sandy - she looks just like yours. She's so photogenic and poses so well for me! I have to go show my hubby these pics now...he loves dog stuff too!