Wednesday, October 06, 2010

18 sleeps!

There's so much to do. Lists of important things to leave for Shaun and the dogs. Costumes to find. Get the van serviced. Everything is booked. Lists are made, checked off, added to. And then there's Shaun's 21st birthday tomorrow. Must bake red velvet cake, get cream cheese for icing, smoke ribs, bake potatoes. And then we have to find another day to have grandparents for cake, Shaun's having a party for his friends on Saturday and it's Thanksgiving weekend, so there's dinner on Monday. And then it will be 2 weeks until we leave. It's coming up so fast.
We are nervous and excited. After more than a year of back and forth parcels, emails and facebooking with Amy, David and Trevor, we will finally meet them in person. I'm sure it will be fine, they like Subarus, beer, family, friends, food, and Disneyland. Amy's been a great help in all the planning for this big road trip. Thanks, Amy!

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