Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

1. I've always wanted to make an advent calendar. Anything is better than those 99 cent ones I buy for Kerry and the kids. So I made 25 boxes with my Cricut, Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge, and Stampin' Up's  Candy Cane Christmas paper, it's really cute!  I'm doing the advent calendar as a class and the first one filled up even before I advertised it. The second one will be after I get back from our trip. 
 2. I made some pom poms a while ago and Amy asked if I would mind making some for the wedding. Thanks to Martha Stewart, they are super easy. I even made a little one and the dogs posed for me with it. Each dog is so different. Sally's indifferent. Linus wants to eat it.

3. We didn't do any planning last night, other than talk to Amy about what we are doing on Halloween. You guessed it, Disneyland! Then on Wednesday we will go to Hearst Castle, and Santa Barbara. I'm still running around picking up things for the trip. I'm going to customs today to register my camera equipment. Kerry's donating blood, and I want to pay some bills before we go, everything is due while we are gone. So much thinking ahead!

4. I have a Stamp-A-Stack this weekend. I just love the classes where one person calls and says "I've got 4-6 friends that want to come too." My work is almost done. I just have to design and prep the cards.  Easy stuff!

5. Emily wants to stay in a Hotel, not a Motel. Oddly enough, most Best Westerns are Motels. And I think all the ones I booked are Motels. Maybe on the way home she will get her wish. Ahhh...14 and never been in a Hotel.

6. I've decided to go on the 'scarier' rides. Like Space Mountain, California Screamin', and a few others. I figure it will be over so fast, and in the end I will enjoy it, I'll probably cry, maybe even get motion sickness (I'm probably not going on the Matterhorn for this reason) but I don't want to regret not going on the rides.

7. Did I mention only 10 sleeps till we leave?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli !
I so wish i lived closer.....i'd love to do your advent calendar too !
Have a blast in Disney ( & enjoy the travel adventures)
~Suzann H