Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still alive and kicking

Just stressing, running errands, and not packing. I took a 2 hour break from procrastinating and went with Yolanda to Mt. Boucherie Winery to do a photo shoot of some award winning wine for an ad she's doing for the winery. She wouldn't let me take a picture of her rolling an empty wine barrel up a hill. I've seen the ad, and I think we made a pretty good team. I also got a very yummy cinnamon scone from Cobb's Bakery, that might need revisiting soon.
Karla came over and had to put up with Emily harassing me tonight. She's dog sitter #2. And she needed some Halloween tags made. I made her do the nasty cutting. Emily was making her hat for her Halloween costume. It's going to be so cute.
I went all by myself to the airport. I've lived here all my life and never have I driven to the airport by myself. Parking was scary, but I read the signs. I went to customs and was in and out before the time started on my parking pass. First 15 minutes is free. I got my camera and equipment all documented and it's one more thing crossed off my list.
The next big thing to do is the 'medic alert' bracelet. I didn't have time, forgot, to get the real ones, so we will get the generic ones and then get real ones when we get back. I considered a tattoo on my wrist, but then thought better of it.
Our list of things to buy is growing longer and longer!

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Sue said...

hey Kelli
Been withouta 'puter since Friday and hopefully getting our new one tomorrow or Saturday all loaded and running.
Couldn't msg you so I'm at my dd's school. Will call you later.