Friday, October 01, 2010

More Lists

Our (my) list of what to look for and buy in the states is getting longer and longer. Good thing we have the van.
Now that I have a Cricut, I want a bunch of things for it.
1. 12x24 mats
2. more blades
3. 12x12 mats
4. cartridges on sale
5. 12x24 paper
6. zucchini fries
7. Dole pineapple whip float
8. Wetzel's Pretzels

Other things we have to look for include clothing. Emily said "My wardrobe is lacking!"  I told her to hold out for our trip. She'll end up with clothing that every one else doesn't have. So we went from JEANS and CAPRIS to A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE.  And a WINTER  JACKET.

I'm not sure what is on Kerry's list besides salt water taffy and David's sunflower seeds, and In and Out burgers.

We are starting our "Taking on our trip" box. So far we have Coffee Crisps, which we have to remember to keep out of the heat, pom poms for wedding decorating, Sun Rype fruit snacks, and passports. This is besides the obvious things, like cameras, batteries, credit cards. We can now add Emily's new toy to the box. I opted for Fujifilm's rough and rugged little camera because of the shock resistant feature and the waterproof and cold proof features. I went with green so that the 'men' in the family would feel comfortable using it.

Are we missing anything? We only have 23 days to pack!!!

I have been doing the odd 'around the house' project. I'm slowly adding to the Ikea photo shelves Marina got me hooked on. I used the cricut to cut the fleur de lis out and then I mod podged and painted the frame. And then I put my favourite fleur de lis tattoos hunka hunk in the frame. I hung it up in the entrance way and Kerry saw it as soon as he got home. He had some words to say. I didn't take it down until his mom came over and wanted to know what that was. So now it's in the living room. So far no one has noticed.
I also printed a picture from Write.Click.Scrapbook. that I had lost and then found again. I used Moab Rag paper to print it and then I tore it and stuck it on the mat. It's hard to see the texture but it's very leathery.

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