Saturday, October 16, 2010

CGull Review

 I had Heather snag me one of these beauties. After all my stalling on the Cricut front, I have to say I've jumped in with both feet.

The Cricut is big and heavy. It won't fit in my Mimi tote. This tote is great, it's got wheels and a retracting handle so you can pull it like luggage. Downside, you can't leave it standing on it's 'wheel end', it will fall over, it's not meant for that.
 It's meant to be left like this. Which is a bit of a bummer for storage. I was kind of hoping to store it standing on it's end when not in use.
It has velcro straps to hold the machine in place.  The handle has a snap to hold it together with the other handle. And it has a removable shoulder strap, but I can't imagine using it, it's just too heavy for that.
 And when tightened to one side, you can probably fit 5-7 cartridge in the empty space around the machine. This is good because ...
... the pockets as cute as they are, won't fit a cartridge. I don't think they will fit a tool case either. They are quite possibly cute useless pockets like on the front of my capri pants.
Overall, the tote is very well made, sturdy, great quality. Meant for toting around your Cricut and a few cartridges. 

I've been working on this for a few months. It's as done as it's going to get on my end. I just have to remember to pack it. It's an album.


Chris Hertel said...

That's a great tote. I almost bought one for my Slice. I really could have used it for the crop this weekend. I ended up just shoving it into a Making Memories tote that I got at CHA. It worked but I was worried about my glass mat breaking.

Rae | Lifestyle Photographer said...

Suweeeet!Love it!