Thursday, October 07, 2010


Today is our favourite son's birthday!  Oops, wrong picture!21 years ago today. I'd post pictures of him as a baby but that was so long ago, we used something called film. Those photos are not on the computer, they are in a shoe box or an album collecting dust. I made this costume for him, all by myself without a pattern, we still have it. He's at my mom and dad's house sitting in front of their organ, the photo on the wall is my dad doing the Ironman triathlon.

He's a good sport. He has a great sense of humour. Is up for almost anything.

He's great with his sister. Eats just about everything, except zucchini, liver. Loves pasta. And video games. Has just added to his ever growing game system collection. You name it, he has it. I dust it.

And obviously, he's pretty serious about his job.
That little pumpkin has grown up into a pretty neat guy. Happy Birthday, Shaun!


The Monkey that had the brains not to fall out of the tree. said...

I want a baby Linus and I want a baby Shawn in a pumpkin suit!

Rae | Lifestyle Photographer said...

Wonderful photos!