Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Excuse the horrible picture. Shaun's new hobby is trying to photo bomb every picture I take and my mom's walls are a shade of yellow so it makes everyone Asian.
This is the SMALLEST ever Thanksgiving dinner in my whole entire 29 yrs. Okay, in my whole 38 yrs., except for 3 yrs. ago when we were in Disneyland and missed dinner all together, we didn't even notice. Since Grandpa moved into a home, all mom's siblings decided to have their own Thanksgiving dinner instead of the 25+ person dinner we normally have. This meant that dad had to baste the turkey when mom went out, he forget she said every 30 min. and basted every 10 min. and decided that instead of using the turkey's own juices, butter was easier. The turkey was moist and delicious. Everything was yummy. It was much quieter, and shortly after dinner Shaun and Jenn had to leave because Shaun had to work on the holiday. This will be the first of many smaller holiday dinners and it's a bid sad. Christmas will be really hard, but we'll make do.

We have moved from counting weeks until our trip to counting days....12 days until we leave. It's hard to  discuss how much fun we will have infront of Shaun. I feel bad. And I'm a bit worried that taking a 14 yr. old girl on a long trip like that will make me want to strangle someone, but I keep thinking of the food, fun and friends we will meet and that helps. Emily agreed, signed a contract, to go on Space Mountain. We found out It's a Small World will be closed while we are there, we missed it last time. I'm sure we will get over it. I have never planned so much in my life. Map out where we are going, decide when we will stop for the night, book the hotel, find stores that we want to shop at, restaurants we want to eat in, and then see if they are open when we will be there. We have this done for the trip down, but not the trip back. Going to Sears and telling the travel agent that we want to go to Disneyland is definitely easier, but this way our money is going towards fun stuff and not a flight, we will see so much more than last time.
And we will be much more tired!


Rae | Lifestyle Photographer said...

I'm still full from our Thanksgiving dinner LOL.

Sounds like you are going to have such a fun trip! Think of all the great photos you're going to get!

Amy said...

It will be so worth it! And just bring Shaun souvenirs from everywhere you go and he will be ok! Plus when he is older and makes it big he can take his own trips!