Sunday, January 09, 2011

Clean Slate

I have spent at least a week cleaning up my scrapping room. A few hours here and there weren't really tackling the problem. So I spent a whole day, eating my meals in there and catching up on back episodes of the Young and the Restless and I made progress. I snapped these pictures to proof it. It really isn't that dark at the other end of the room but it does need more lighting.
 The table is clean and ready for my next project. Even the paper is new.
 The dresser that I want to paint is cleaned off. Kerry says that is so good to see. Linus is scratching his back on the edge of the table.
 I sorted through my fabric bin, gave some fabric to Heather and some to mom, and now I can close the bin lid. I added another shelf to the bookshelf in the corner and it made a huge difference.
 I still have to tackle this corner, my mini album box is over flowing. I can't figure out how to store them and if you have any ideas, let me know. I also have to tackle the overflowing magazine rack, but I picked up some magazine holders yesterday and will do that today.
While I was cleaning up, I found a container with a 12x12, a couple scraps, brads, a purple flower, and 2 photos in it. I stopped what I was doing and got out my alpha stickers, Jenni Bowlin tickets that I had misplaced but found while cleaning, and my orange Tattered Angels spray and I seriously threw this together. And I love it. That gob of spray that is bleeding nearly threw me over the edge but I'm embracing the imperfection of it and learning to love that stuff.

 The other photos called for that weird pack of Halloween papers I bought, and as luck would have it, I only had to cut about an inch off the purple piece and I threw the scrap out! And I used my Cricut to cut the cat and the web out. Happy Halloween was cut from the pad of papers, and stuck on one of the pins Amy sent me for Christmas.
 After everything was cleaned up, Heather and I had a meeting about our Project Life albums and we stayed up chatting well after midnight. It was motivating. So the next day I made my layout for my classes this week. I even put pictures on it, which I hadn't been doing in a few months. But now that I have 2000 pictures from our trip, well really 1000 in duplicate, I have a set for the trip album and a set to do whatever with. I plan on getting the rest ready for printing this week.


Anonymous said...

I think you are a neat person!!! I want to be just like you!!!

Sue said...

lots accomplished! that's awesome and your room looks great

Anonymous said...

what a great looking room and what an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Great layouts!! You got a neat picture of the bridge from the other side. And I am so jealous you saw a trolley car- we never saw any!! David said we missed a lot and have to go back to San Fran!