Friday, January 07, 2011

From Sue

Looky what I got from my friend Sue!  Thanks, Sue!

Part of this award, I need to :
- Thank and acknowledge the “giver”
- Share 8 things about myself
- Pay the award forward to 8 fellow stylish bloggers

Now for eight things about me...
1. I don't care for celery.
2. I can't knit or crochet, and this plagues me.
3. I sing to the dogs, but not to the humans.
4. I hate being the person in line at the bank covered in dog hair.
5. I hardly ever give out cards.
6. I don't have a favourite band/singer.
7. I want more tattoos but am having a hard time finding something I want to commit to.
8. I can't eat bananas, they make me sick and they make me hurt.

And to pay it forward to eight Stylish Bloggers in no particular order...I follow so many and it's hard to narrow it down to only eight...
1. Rae
2. Amy

I can only think of 6 at this time.

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Sue said...

welcome Kelli!