Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life: Our Way

Heather, Marg and I have committed to doing a Project Life album similar to Becky Higgins. We did not buy the kit but instead vowed to use what we had. Hoping to kill two birds...Use our stash and make an album.
I don't know that anyone of us will take a photo a day, it's not so much a 365 album, but we decided we could keep it manageable and do at least 52, one a week or more than that.
I've been cutting and prepping some stuff and then got ahead of myself and found 1 picture I had printed so I put it in. It's grandpa.
I don't know if I told  you that our computer died again. What? An imac? Yes. It's a Christmas Miracle that we have somehow managed to kill not one hard drive in a mac, but 2! In a period of less than 2 months, and when you consider the computer was in the shop for about a month, it's even more of a miracle. The tech at Applecare assured me it would never happen again. And then when it did, he tried to assure me again and just wanted to fix the software problem. After some consulting with the very helpful London Drugs techs, I called back and left a message at Apple "I want a new computer." And within a few hours, the tech called back and arranged for just that to happen.
So for the next week or so, I'm without my computer, my photos, my files, and my 21.5 inch screen. I'm using a borrowed Macbook and the screen is so small, but it's better than nothing.
The above photo was taken with my Blackberry. Not to shabby. I am using all my will power to not upload the photos from the weekend to this laptop. I can't process them if I want to. But I did get some great shots of my cousin listening to her sister's baby bump (her niece or nephew) with the stethoscope! Gave me teary eyes.


Anonymous said...

we have a laptop in the shop... expected to be gone 3-5 weeks! Arrghhh!!!
Hope you get your new computer soon. Loving the album. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Love the book! I really think there should be a mobile phone project 365. It would be much easier! We should start one!

Veronica said...

The book looks fabulous. I am not as creative as you so I am doing things by the book so I know I can finish the project.