Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday, my 93 year old Grandpa passed away. It was no surprise. He was 93. He wanted to go awhile ago. He was done. He'd broken his hip and then he got pneumonia.
He was born here, not in Japan like you might think. He did go back as a child to live there for a few years, but came back to Canada. 
He was an avid bowler, right up to the last year. 
He had a huge vegetable garden, at least 4x the size of my sad garden, complete with green houses. He usually sold his vegetable at a local store.

 We always celebrated Christmas at his house on Christmas Eve. Always. He carved the turkey.
Everyone brought something. Sweet potatoes, coleslaw, ham, salads, desserts, you always ate too much.
He sat at the head of the table. He liked his sweets. He always had a bag of hard candy in the cupboard.
He had 5 daughters. 20 grand children. 6 great grandchildren, and one more in a few months.
 He liked to fish. He used to take us to see Grandma at the packing house, sometimes stopping to pick up popsicles, root beer ones. He always had a pack of Fruit flavoured Chicklets in is truck and when it was parked in the carport, he'd leave the window open when it was hot, and I remember stealing a piece of gum when ever we could.
I think he liked to travel, I remember their trips to Hawaii, and Japan, with lots of photos taken. He's with  Grandma now. 


Rae | Family Photographer said...

So sorry for your loss.
He sure lived a long full life and was blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man who had a long full life and enjoyed the simples things in life alot people take for granted.

Anonymous said...

So sorry he passed, but I know he is much happier now. I love all the pictures!

grammie vick said...

What a sad day in our lives when have to say goodbye to our loved ones. It sounds like your grandfather led a full and wonderful life and you were fortunate to have shared many years of his love. I was blessed with 50 years with one of my grandmothers (she was 101) Thinking of you and your family at this time. Vicky Weyhing

Angie Tieman said...

So sad for your loss. I love the little tribute you shared giving us a glimpse into his life. Sounds like wonderful memories!