Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Washi Tape?

Ever After, the local scrapbooking store had gotten these rolls of tape in straight from Japan on Saturday while Heather and I were shopping. But they weren't priced yet. So I picked a package and a dispenser to be put aside until today, and I put a reminder in my phone to run down and pay for them.
 When we went in, the rolls were all laid out on the counter for us to sort through. That's customer service! It took some time, lots of time, lots of decision making, but I picked up these 5 rolls for me. I may have to go back for more.
 And afterwards, I stamped on the tape. It's wonderful! I'll be using lots of it in my Project Life album.
 I wrote on it.
 I tore it and put it o my previously posted Halloween layouts. I love the black stripes and polka dots!
And then I decorated our Project Life Challenge jar. I even taped the ugly 'wood' edges of my Cricut stand. They are now black and white striped.
I really like the tape. It's sticky but not so sticky you can't reposition it carefully. It's easy to tear. It is slightly see thru, so it gives a light airy look to glass, and on patterned paper, you can see the pattern through the tape.
And with so many patterns, there's something for everyone's taste.


Anonymous said...

I love the tape too! Ours isn't that neat, at all. Oh and my store is also called Everafter!!

Anonymous said...

ohhh... haven't seen the tape before.. but it looks great!

lacintha said...

Oohh I heard about these...will have to hunt down a roll to try out...thanks *enabler* ;)