Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sometimes coming up with a title is harder than the blogging.

Point form blogging for Saturday...
- today or tomorrow, the new Mac will be up and running.
- then I can work on photoshoots.
- and my Project Life stuff.
- and print receipts for taxes.
- maybe that will take my mind off the big investment in myself I made 2 days ago, I doubt it, but it might help. It's a huge step, outside my comfort zone. I'm not ready to share the details. I'm waiting for things to be finalized. Maybe then, my stomach won't clench up when I think about it.
- now you are wondering what I've done. It's not bad, really.

1 comment:

Veronica said... tell! Sometimes an investment in yourself is what is needed. Totally selfish...but needed!! (Try doing a masters without any support!)