Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another day gone...

Don't you just hate it when you have all these plans to get stuff done and at the end of the day when you go to check your mental list, nothing gets crossed off?

Sue picked my brain clean...that's just for Sue, she's now going "what? I so did not!" I just needed someone to blame for my day of nothing.

I am going to make a new list just so I have something to cross off...

Yell at the dog, 56 times, to stop licking.
Drink 2 cans of diet Pepsi, my new coffee.
Kind of comb hair.
Get the mail, look through my SU magazine, toss bills aside(they are paid already).
Hopefully help Sue.
Put in last night's SU order, try 7 times because site might be down.
Make crockpot chicken dinner from scratch that smells totally disgusting.
Think about layout for tomorrow's class.
Read fav. blogs, wish I could get my bangs cut like Cathy Zielske.
Hope dinner tastes better than it smells.
Cancel music lesson, Emily has headache, again. Think about booking dr. appt.
Post some pics for blog fans to look at.

Now it looks like I have had a very busy day!

We watched Heros last night, I didn't think it was worth waiting weeks for. I needed a refresher on what the heck was going on. I sure hope the wait for LOST will be worthwhile. Yes, I like my TV.

This is Emily's exciting skating close up. Really, she's saying "Mom, mom, did you see that? Mom, move the camera so you can see me skate with your eyes, not the lens!" She probably pointed me out to her friends..."that's my mom, no not the one with glasses, no, not the one in the hat, she's the one with the camera for a face!" I am one of the only moms that brings a camera to every fieldtrip, I realized this may be the last year E. wants me anywhere near the school so I have to document it.

I am so in love with BG's Blush. I have used so much of it, much more than any other paper they have put out. I actually did something rarely done at my house, I used BG and SU together. I found the ink colours match the paper so very nicely. All brown and pink and teal...yummy. And I am also so into coasters right now. Which reminds me, I need to take a picture of my little coaster box, that was loving made with my Blush paper.


Tara said...

I love your Blush cards Kelli! And, what do you mean you didn't do anything?!?!? ... sounds like a great day to me!!! :)

Dawn said...

Sounds like a full day to me!
I love your cards... especially the bottom one... (and on April 17th, remember who loves that card!)

Fern said...

Camera for a face...I love that line! Great post!!

I am also awaiting Lost, and did you know we'll have to stay up an hour later, it's not coming on till 10 pm!! gasp will I make it??

Rarinstamp said...

See Kelli, you DID have a eventful and full day!! And thank you for all the help this morning. I am glad that you are my upline, you had answers for all my questions. Now to just remember it all come Thurs morning when I put in the order, maybe I will call you (just kidding). You're cards are awesome by the way - I love all of them.

Allison said...

Great cards...love that blush paper too. That list sounds like my day except I would have to add "Bend over and pick up whiny 14 month old daughter 77 times"! Cheers!