Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I did it!

Heather gave me a beautiful pack of BG Fruitcake for Christmas. Yesterday I opened the package and ...brace yourself...It took a lot of thinking and planning and measuring and then I cut 2 pieces into thirds. Too late to turn back so I stuck them to some cardstock, this took a few hours. And then I stopped. That took me the majority of the day. Now I look at it and think "what was I doing?" Oh, I did make a card with my little cow stamp, but other than than, nothing too exciting happened.
I did make a yummy chili with stuff found in the freezer. If you move the 58 containers of cherries, you will find the odd container of ground beef, pack of bacon and 13 containers of strawberries. The freezer is full of freakin' fruit! I don't know where all that baking went that I did before Christmas, oh, wait a minute while I loosen off my belt. Anyway, it's like a freezer black hole, the baking is no where to be seen.
Kerry and I played a little Wii last night, I think we play more than the kids, I know we do! My golf game is improving. Kerry's mom will be so proud. When I played with her, I lacked a little sportsmanship. I was averaging 10 over par and last night golfed 1 under! The happy Kelli dance is much nicer than the 'John McEnroe of Golf' dance. Emily beat Kerry to a pulp in boxing. Our conversation later...
Me: So a 10 yr. old girl beat you at boxing?
Ker: Ya, I suck.
Me: Did you let her win?
Ker: NO, she really kicked my a$$! My mom was right, I'm a lover not a fighter!
Me: Snicker Snicker Snicker

Growing up, my dad taught me to box, play baseball, and he tried to teach me to ride a motorcycle. At home, I could do it but at school, I was too shy and very much afraid of getting hurt. But now, I can shine and kick Kerry's and Shaun's butts on a video game! My dream has been fulfilled! The motorcycle thing, ya, after dad bought me a nice shiny blue and yellow one with gears that no one taught me how to shift, I promptly ran into the swingset and bent it and never rode it again. I stuck to my brother's little no-gear bike. I'm sure dad had big hopes, he was an amazing rider, built tracks, had a trophy room, and then wrecked his knee. I could have gone pro, if not for the gears.

No pictures today. Nothing to show for yesterday's lack of work. But today, I am going to Costco and I think I will see about getting a heater so that my stampers won't have chilly little tootsies! And maybe I will look at light fixtures. We aren't doing very well finding one. Over the holidays we bought track lighting. Kerry put it up and turned it on. A craft room is no place for a spotlight, which is exactly what this thing did. It was so dark in the cornes. So down it came. This is the second fixture we have installed. We may just have to get an electrician in to wire for 2 lights. We were trying to avoid removing the ceiling tiles. I hate it when something that should be easy turns out to be so darn hard. At least we did get a closet organizer and it's beautiful. And we discovered that if you are buying a stud finder, don't buy the B&D $15 one unless you want 8 holes in your wall. Spend a little extra and get a good one, one that doesn't tell you your studs are 2 feet wide.


Cheryl said...

You are HILARIOUS, Kelli! I am dying at your "sportsmanship" story and you KNOW I will be requesting a performance of the John McEnroe dance next time I see you!

Nancy said...


Kelli said...

It's a line of pattern paper. But I did make some really good fruitcake in Dec. MMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMM

Nancy said...

THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP FOR ME.. (thought maybe you were turning a lil fruitcakie) LOL