Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Wonderland, NOT!

We woke up to a nice dusting of snow. But unfortunately it keeps snowing and is now a driving hazzard. Well, the snow isn't really the problem, it's those people that think they can still go 60 down Rutland road and turn corners in Toyota 4x4's without slowing down.
Yes, we almost bit it while sitting innocently at the light. Some young woman must have been driving for the first time in the snow or she's just stupid. Shaun and I let out a OH CRAP she's gonna hit us. And luckily she slid just past us and then spun out trying to take off fast again. People!!!
We have shovelled the driveway twice already (it's just after noon), and most of the times I love our super wide, super long driveway but not today. My sides hurt, my arms hurt, my neck and back will be next.
I think Shaun needs to be prepared for the worst. He, and his parents, put off filling out the passports until the very last minute and he may not get it before his school band trip. Even though they are going by bus, the teacher wants them to have it just incase. So I may have to go out yet again today to brave the downtown traffic to find the passport office. If I'm lucky, no one in their right mind will be out in this weather, except me and the Toyota girl. But she should be so traumatized that she should go home and look at her driver's manual again.
I made a bunch of cards for my little friend Nancy and for my displays. But I wasn't smart enough to make some for grandmas and their card boxes.


Fern said...

Hi Kelli, yes it's a nasty day isn't it? If you haven't left yet, I think the passport place is on Gaston (not positive though).

Drive defensively!

Nancy said...

Oh my, im so excited to see the cards.. you rock girl friend!!! I know what you mean by the crazy drivers in the snow. You should see them here in victoria. Its just nuts!!..STAY HOME YOU CRAZY PEOPLE!!!

Cheryl said...

I hate this crappin' snow Kelli. And holy idiot drivers in this town, I'm glad she didn't hit you. I hope you had good luck at the passport office!