Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Leave me alone...

and I will keep myself amused for hours.

I forgot to mention that the other night, Kerry went to Fight Night at my dad's, Shaun had friends over and was monopolizing the whole upstairs and I can't remember where Emily was. Such a good mom I am.

Sally and I were so lonely and bored. And seeing as how I have again lost my mojo, I pulled out my camera. And low and behold I have the perfect white backdrop in my craft room, my door. First I took pictures of my favourite Bear. It was love at first site when I was setting Michaels up, I couldn't buy him until the store actually opened so I would just visit him every day for weeks. Here is my Gingerbread Bear contemplating life. This is just before he tells me about why he wears the suit. Very simple, he's naked without it.

Then I tried to take pictures of me and Sally. Not so good. She is such a ham but she wants to do it her way, laying on the floor on her back. Think soggy noodle dog...I had to hold her up for most of the shots. The blurry shot is her trying to push me away while I am holding her up. Not the best shots, but they are so her. I will do a little Photoshopping to them and maybe use them in a layout.

I also took pictures of my hatbox. I won a huge $100 box of goodies from my Mary Kay rep. Mylene had the whole lot packaged up in a blue hatbox and I thought I should use some of my stash to alter it. It took me a whole day to do it. I am not a modge podge person and I think with thinner paper and some patience this could have been less lumpy. I used Cosmo Cricket stuff, Bazzills and SU cardstock, Making Memories paint, 7 gypsies(?) printed twill. And the scallopped white cs on top is actually a whole lot of circles lined up around the patterned paper and lovingly attached before being modge podged to the top.

What the heck am I going to do with this thing?

I also got a couple pictures of the kids, my mp3 player, my butt with my mp3 player in my pocket, more of the dog, the bear (he doesn't move or complain and I was testing some camera functions, and my favourite...what I wake up to every morning. The kids gave her to me, I think it's a hint, maybe they see me as this grumpy, maybe they think I have super powers. My fav Powerpuff Girl!

I was busy. Too bad I didn't do what I was supposed to be doing...prepping for a class tomorrow. Who does my scheduling?


Tara said...

Hey Kelli! Happy New Year! OK, so the bear is CUTE, funny pictures... kind of like the ones I get of me and Harley... great hatbox, and thanks to you I now want a wii.

Dawn said...

You're funny... productive day, even if not with what was on your to-do list!!!

Fern said...

Gotta love those pictures of you and the dog! I agree, inanimate objects do photograph the best...

Cheryl said...

Man, you are a busy beaver. I am dying at the pics of you and Sally - I have many with my kids and me like that ;)

The hatbox turned out great!