Friday, January 26, 2007

Got Milk? Give it to me!!!

Someone, me, drank the last of the milk yesterday and then that same someone had to work last night and drove past at least 7 places that sell milk and no one else in the house went out last night so this morning, I have NO milk. Which means, I have NO COFFEE. Which means I have caffeine withdrawal.
I know I don't drink that much coffee, about 6 oz. a day. I know this because I am anal and measure it. It is lowly instant coffee, I add 4 oz. of milk to it, and 3.5 squirts of sugar-free Starbucks Vanilla syrup, has to be Starbucks.
I am not known to be a coffee connoisseur. I've been known to drink day old coffee, espresso, the last dredges in Kerry's coffee pot, just about anything as long as it has the caffeine, the milk and the syrup. And as long as it's room temp or colder, I will leave my coffee on the counter for hours to cool down. And if you ask me if I want a coffee, chances are I will say no, unless it's a Starbuck's Tall Any Flavour Light Frapaccino, because I don't drink coffee, not hot at least. At any social family gathering, I will never get asked if I want coffee. They aren't in on my little secret. They think I'm a tea drinker. If they only knew...
If I don't drink my piddly amount of coffee within 45 min. of waking up, I get THE headache, the blurry eyes, the grumpies. Which is where I am at right now. Which is why I am drinking a can of diet Pepsi as fast as I can so I can go out and get milk. How sad is that? Cookie bars (my hubby bakes damn good bars) and pepsi for breakfast!
Nothing like starting the day off right!

Which brings me to the following... I'm going to WW this afternoon, Yo better be there or I will hunt her down! I need Jenni's optimism right now and not just about eating better and being nicer to my body. WW's Jenni is the best! She has so many great quotes and a great memory for them. I wish I could bottle her enthusiasm. I would make so much money! I know she's not perfect but I bet she didn't eat cookie bars for breakfast!

H comes home this weekend and I am still so sad.


Dawn said...

WOW! What a way to start the day!
I hope your headache went away and that you soothed yourself shortly with some sweet & creamy coffee. I dont' drink coffee either, but I do enjoy international creamers, and you usually have to put it in coffee so people don't think you're a freak.)

Fern said...

Dawn are you saying you'd drink the creamer straight? that is just so disgusting. As is, I have to say, your morning concoction Kelli. I seldom drink coffee myself, I'm a chai latte girl, but if it's going to be coffee, make it strong! And not sweet.

However I can relate to the milk thing, that's my problem right now too! Still enough left for a small chai tomorrow morning though...