Monday, June 02, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a Canon Speedlite 430

That's all I will need after the last couple of days. There is nothing, NOTHING, I will NEED, you can't make me buy or want another camera related item. NOPE, you can't.

After buying all the ink they had in stock for my printer at PW, and my other camera goodies, I went back today, I HAD to get a Crumpler bag for my camera. I mean, at 50% off, I'd be stupid to not get one. (If you didn't get one, I'm not calling you stupid, really, I'm not.)

So this is my camera's new home, it's compact, everything is snug as a bug in there and it's not huge. It also doesn't resemble a camera bag, therefore, I will feel safer, because I know everyone wants to steal my camera. And since they were also half price, I bought 2 of the cell phone pouches, one for the phone, one for the ipod, or for snacks.

My bag is black with brown, instead of blue like the picture. And my little pouches are black and brown, but not quite this brown.

And this baby...I borrowed the picture off Etsy, but it's the exact same fabric my mom picked out for me and made a camera strap with. I love it, now more sweaty, hair pulling Canon strap for me. It's long too, fits diagonally across my body. Which brings me to an interesting comment made by Kerry...In one of the Harry Potter movies, the Weasley's and Harry are travelling by the flue network to Diagon Alley. When Harry does it, he says "Diagonally" and ends up somewhere bad...Kerry just got it when I was showing him my strap and how it fit me "diagonally". Poor guy, we're talking years about not getting a major part of a movie!

And Mom's taking orders for straps.

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RAE said...

Lucky girl...the bag looks gorgeous! You've sure had some good shopping.