Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm so excited

I took a chance and stopped at Zellers on my way to 'The History of Photography" class. It's not really what the rec centre calls it, but that's what we are being taught, this is a whole other blog post. Anyway, I stopped at Zellers, realized I forgot my iced coffee in the fridge in my new drink cup, and I forgot my most beautiful scone that I was bringing for Tara. But it was so worth it, and worked out in the end. I found hot off the press copies of Scrapbooks Etc., you know, the one with my work in it!!! So I bought a bunch for family. Then I bought a diet Pepsi, gotta get that caffeine in me some how. And Tara didn't show up for class, so I didn't need the scone. I'll let her tell you that she was sleeping.
Here it is, my little bird family tree. My first published thing, well, actually my 3rd, the others were in a mountain bike magazine and a wood crafts magazine.

Here is the front of the magazine just in case you want to run out and buy it, Zellers only had 2 left when I was done. And here is the fattest, busiest bumble bee ever. He was in every flower on my wegilia, and as he flew away gobs of pollen were falling off of him. Definitely an over achiever.Today, I plan on being half as busy as that fat bee. I have become a terrible procrastinator and now have 2 weeks of photo home work and 5 classes to prep for. But I only have myself and Zuma to blame for it.

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RAE said...

That is so exciting! Woohoo for you...I'll be getting that mag as soon as I can get my hands on it!