Friday, June 06, 2008

Close Call

Every morning, I walk with my friend and yesterday, we almost got hit by a woman backing out of her driveway on to Rutland road. J. and I had dressed extra brightly, she had on a bright yellow t-shirt and I had on a bright orange one, we had commented on this when we left her house, on how no one would miss us. We were wrong.
This lady in her van was looking the other way, I kept my eye on her, and then as we were right behind her, she just starts reversing and didn't stop, so I hit the back of her van, her bumper was almost touching my leg, and scared the shit out of her, and us. A landscaper was just across the road and saw what happened and was shocked that the woman didn't see us, and commented on it. J. told him the driver was too busy looking at him because he was cute and couldn't be bothered with us.
We had a little laugh, but my heart was racing and then I got mad. What if I was a 3 ft. tall kid? There's no way she would have noticed that. And it was just after the kids had walked to school, so it could have happened. I hope she sat in her van for a few minutes and thought to herself about how lazy she was to not look both ways, or in her mirrors.

On another note, Shaun's grad is tonight, he graduates from the Culinary Arts Cooks program. He says graduation ceremonies start at 6pm and end at 11pm, it's grad for all OC students. He says he's not going because he has to be up at 4 am tomorrow. Oh, well, the lighting would have been poor and my pictures would have sucked.

And...I still love getting my veggies on Thursday! We all love it, even the non-veggie eaters. Tangelos are our new favourite orange. I might take a break when the garden starts producing something edible, not my garden but a garden somewhere.

We are trying to find something to do with Emily, we were discussing her amazing drawing skills with Shaun and it was decided she needs a better outlet. Although all the classes we have checked into are for 15 years and up. Shaun says she does better artwork than some of the manga books that they read. I'm taking them to the Anime Convention in Aug. and the Van. Art Gal. has a comic/manga exhibit that we will check out while we are there. Kind of scary, I can drive to Vancouver, but haven't ever driven in Vancouver. So look out!!!


RAE said...

You must be so proud! So you're coming to Vanc in August????

Marina G said...

Maybe there's something offered by the Animation/Graphics school in Landmark 3? Or at least they might be able to help her on how to build a portfolio so that if she's interested in attending there later on or at the Vancouver/Seattle School of the Arts she would have a headstart....

Kimberly said...

YAY Shaun! That is so AWESOME!
Bad lady driver! I swear, I've done that before...looked one way...then look the other and while I'm looking the other, I start going and it seems like I always miss something. Todd has taught me how to drive using my mirrors and that has made ALL the difference for me there. (((hugs)))
Love ya...missed you!