Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sew Crafty part 2

I promised to teach Emily to sew, and in doing so acquired a very basic Janome sewing machine. My first one, if you don't count my Grandma's antique treadle machine.

I used Donna Downey's pattern from her new book, Fabric Scrapbooking, to make an apron. It's not perfect, I definitely need more practice, but it's an apron, it looks like one and it fits like one. I'm thinking I could make some for Christmas presents if I start now. I went with wild colours, well, as wild as I can get. I'm pretty happy with it, but now I don't want to wear it and get it dirty.

I decorated an American Crafts plastic container for a gift holder for Emily's teacher's gift. I wanted to keep it.
I made this baby book for Connie's new baby girl. Her husband sends out pictures and a tear jerking email with each kid, so I kept it and used it to make both books I have given her.

I got an old filling replaced in my mouth today, replaced with a nice shiny white substance. My jaw's sore, my gums are sore, but I have one less silver filling leaking toxins. Whatever...


RAE said...

I LUV that apron...great colors! I'd want to keep that teachers gift too...luv that too!!!

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...I LOVE your apron and LOVE your book! I collect aprons and fun patterns! This is AWESOME!
Love ya,