Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm special.

The other day, Tara gave me this beautiful Starbucks drink container. What's so special about what looks like a used frapaccino cup? It's hard plastic, it's not to be tossed into recycling, it's to be washed and refilled again and again this summer and the bestest part, it's insulated! No melting drinks with sweating glasses for me! I'll be chillaxing by the pool with my iced coffees and perusing magazines in search of names I recognize!
Speaking of SPECIAL...I had to explain something to Emily yesterday...it wasn't easy as I have just freshly been introduced to the term "the short bus". Her friend told her that because she was short, she would ride the short bus. Makes sense. But I know from some more worldly people that back in the days of my elementary school years, there were kids that road the other bus, the shorter one, I'm not entirely sure why, but I do know they were usually educationally or behaviourly at a disadvantage. Anyway, and I didn't know this until wiser people told me a few weeks ago...this is where the saying "He rides the short bus" comes from. So in a very round about way, with lots of the term 'special friends' floating around lately, and of course, special is associated with 'slower learners', the term 'rides the short bus' has come up, and that's why Emily asked about it when we saw a short school bus. It triggered this very interesting conversation

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RAE said...

Hmmm...didn't know about the short bus. That drink container is awesome! I want one now :)