Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Early Bird Learns Something

I have been up since 6 am. and outside in the mosquito/bear filled wilderness for 3 hours. I drove the GRT(Generic Red Truck) down from Myra Canyon or somewhere just as far away with 2 wet, smelly dogs all by myself. I don't really know where we were, just that I could see all of Kelowna and Straight Thru To Vernon from the mountain side.

I drove Kerry and my Dad to the Top so they could ride down, I took pictures along the way. I served 3500 mosquitoes fresh Love Spell scented Kelli flesh for about 3 hours. I only killed one, and that was in the truck on the way down. I did the mosquito shake while taking pictures and the Squirrel Dance which I am sure to never ever live down. This rabid squirrel jumped out right beside Sally and then ran across the wooden track Dad built and then across a log. It scared the crap out of me, Dad thought I'd seen a bear or a snake, but I thought the squirrel was going after the dog.

I took pictures, worse ones than the ones I took before Photography Class. But I have come to accept some's dark in the forest, the lighting really sucks, my wimpy ass flash won't work for burst mode (so it's a trade off - lots of so-so pics or 1 well lit but possibly missed the jump one), I'm not great with my long lens, I shake and twicks and stigs really scratch your legs up when you are stomping through the bush to get the right angle. So now I might have to go out again tomorrow.

I took this picture last time....SOOC

Note the back of a dog head in the bottom of the frame. It's not the best one, I did have better, this one is kind of dark.

18-200 mm lens ( I might have had my short 50 mm on)

f 4.5


It was an overcast day, so we had nice diffused light a little later in the day, like maybe an hour.

And this is from today...SOOC
Blurry, yucky, drab.

18-200 mm lens

f 11


Bright, sunny day, harsher shadows, but early.

Linus has little fear, so he gets to ride in the back of the truck. Sally has issues and gets to ride shotgun. I snapped a few shots of the Big Guy in the side mirror hanging out the side of the truck.

Sally, surveying her minions and all her vastly surroundings. She has that "I thought I saw a Dingo" look.

I'll definately need a nap today.


Tara said...

You will most certainly need a nap (especially in preparation for epic dinner!)... you should nap and then bring me an iced coffee... oh heck, bring me dinner!

Kimberly said...

WOW! That sounds like an AMAZING day...and now I'm ready for a nap! hehehe
Love ya,

Marina G said...

Hi Kelli
What ISO did you shoot at? Exposure is a combination of all 3 (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).

Even the high end flashes (with the extra battery pack) have a recycle time of about 3-4 secs between shots, so there is no "burst" mode as such.

In the forest you should be shooting on ISO 800 or even higher if your camera will go there, yes it will produce some digital noise but there are tools for reducing it in post processing. Better than blurring the shot or being under exposed.

Dawn said...

I LOVE the shot of Linus in the back of the truck.... dogs!