Thursday, June 12, 2008

My opinion, and I do have one...

and if I like something, you will hear about it, and if I don't like something, you'll know that too. class. The last class was last night...I'm not going to rant about it, I'm not going to be super negative but I will say a few things, and you can decide for yourself...that's fair.

1. I believe a photography teacher should have a portfolio, a pile of photos, an album, whatever, to show the class, to say "Look at me, look at my pictures, look what I can do and if you have an open mind, you can do it too." I also believe that if a 'teacher' is going to bring a photo to class, it should be a good one, printed on photo paper, and taken in this century.

2. When the Rec. center advertises "Photography Class for Digital or Film" the teacher for this class should not be a digital naysayer. He should know how to use, and maybe own a digital camera or any camera made in this century. He should NOT tell you repeatedly that digital cameras are obsolete, putting stores and Disney animators out of business.

3. Photography classes are not "Show and Tell" or "The Prices is Right". A student should not have to guess how much was paid for a 130 yr. old camera, and it should be a given that the camera we come to class with and want to learn on is the camera we plan on having for a few years. We want to learn to use what we have, not what film Sex in the City was filmed with.

4. It's Photography Class, not Cinematography Class or How To Buy An Antique Camera Class, or Let's Look At Japanese Camera Catalogue Class.

So there, that's off my chest. If I have offended anyone, say the person teaching the class, or anyone related to that person, oh, well, I think that person should be teaching "The History of Photography" or "Buying Antique Cameras on Ebay".

Secondly...I went to a Beauticontrol spa. I got a jar of Miracle Manicure for booking a spa. I have used it 3 times on my feet with their foot lotion and I have to say, the last time my feet were this soft and smooth I was in a diaper and a weighed under 100 lbs. I reallly like the stuff. My heels get pretty beat on from wearing sandals and it's been a life long dream to have smooth, soft heels. Today, I have fulfilled that dream!

Thirdly...One more baby! The end of July will bring a new member to Kerry's side of the family. The first Great-Grand Baby! We are all very excited to meet the new member!

And...I made 3 batches of cookies, the weather is finally warming up and not because I had the oven going, Shaun just finished Culinary Arts, has an offer for a part-time job at a major golf course, he just has to decide if he wants it, gas is going to kill us, it's too expensive to drive my gas hog of a van, I have a small kids scrapbooking class today, my Grandpa turns 91 this weekend, Father's Day is in a few days and I'm not ready, I've lost a few pounds, and this is what the best son ever looks like...

Oh, whoops, that's a Grande Chocolate Mint Frapaccino that the best son brought home for me today! Notice the camera shake...that's me jonesing for the caffeine...Did I mention I went 2 days without diet Coke and almost died from the Ice Pick Behind the Eye withdrawl headache? And those few pounds I said I lost, I just gained them back, they came in the form of CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM!!! sigh.


RAE said...

I gotta say...I was getting worried that you hadn't posted anything for almost a wk but you just saved it all up and posted all your thoughts at once :)

That photog class sure sounds ridiculous! Can you believe Father's Day is this wkend? Where is the time going? Father's Day here will be breakfast (at IHOP) and then dinner (at in-laws) a good day for me too (no cooking).

Kimberly said...

OMGosh you are a RIOT!!!!
That is crazy about the photography class..and I agree with you 110% Sheesh come on here!
Loves to you!