Sunday, June 01, 2008

So Tired

We had a very busy Saturday. We aren't really known as social butterflies, but yesterday we had 3 'parties' that we were invited to. We only went to 2 of them, and this was after a morning of walking the KVR with Shawn, Tara, and Harley. I'm very glad we had a good walk, I think I was pre-burning all the calories I would eat later in the day. It was such a great day!

The weather was perfect, I got a bit of sun but it wasn't so warm that we were sweating(cause that's gross).

We had a good time at Kerry's co-worker's 40th birthday party and then we went to JW's birthday party and ate and laughed soooo much. Yet again, we discovered that no matter how 'big' Kelowna seems to be getting, it's still really small. There was a lot of "You must know so-and-so" and "We met at so-and-so's place a few weeks ago" at both places. Small world.

And the best part, well, one of the best parts...Tara got me the bestest frapaccino cup from Starbucks, it's insulated and looks just like their cup but it's not disposable. I'll have to take a picture of it when I have my coffee drink later.

Today, we are tired.

You can see the airport, a couple of lakes, like Duck and Woods. This was taken with my 50mm and my new polarizer.
This is Caninious Escapius in his unnatural habitat trying his skills at being an alligator. Not one of his strong points.The cute couple. 50mm and me, I mean, Shawn and Tara.

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RAE said...

Sounds like a fun wkend.