Friday, February 20, 2009

My sob story

My eyes are so runny as is my nose, because when you have something like pink eye, someone thinks you should have a head cold too.
My sob story, besides the fact someone wouldn't get me potato chips at 9:30 pm.....I can't use my camera. I can't put my eyes near it. I don't want to get it infected. I could use my baby camera because it has a screen, but really, once you've used the big one, you don't really want to go back.
I have no interest in reading, can't really see much anyways, I have to watch tv with my left eye closed, and then I usually fall asleep. I don't have any interest in scrapbooking even though I would like to. I'm sure not going out. So I lay on the couch, I watch the shows I like and then I watch the shows I don't like because everyone knows that there can't be good tv 24 hours a day. But no matter what time it is, Seinfeld is on, so that's always an option.
I can't taste anything either, but my good son did pick up some Old Dutch corn chips for me and they are so salty that I can taste them.
There's my 'woe is me' post for the day.


RAE said... poor thing...get better soon! You've had a rough week! Get lots of rest over the wkend and hopefully you'll be better next wk. There's good tv tonight...Ghost Whisperer, Flashpoint, Numbers & Dollhouse. Can you still shop online with one good eye??? I bought some digi stuff from the DD sale, did you?

Veronica said...

Awwww. Kelli!!! I really do feel sorry for you! I wish I could come down there and help you out with some Mrs. Vickis chips and chocolate!!!! Get better soon!!!!!