Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pink doesn't always look good on me.

I've had 'something' in my eye the last couple of days. I've been rubbing it, it's been kind of gunky. This morning I woke up and my right eye was sealed shut, Mr. Sandman must have used a bit of concrete last night. And maybe Rocky Balboa punched me too, of course he had to wait until I was asleep to do it because my left hook to the solar plexis would have knocked him out. My eye was pink, crusty, sandy, and swollen. So pretty!
I've never had pink eye before, no one in my family has either. But then I'm running the gambit on new and never tried things that concern the walk-in clinic. Remember just before Christmas, I had sinusitis, never had that before and never had the allergic reaction to penicillin that followed shortly after that. I also had never had chicken pox and this clinic is the same one that diagnosed that fun that lasted more than 6 weeks. And now the pink eye! No wonder Dr. My-Name-Is-Roy laughed that crazy belly laugh when he looked over my file.
I just realized that the Dr.'s name might me Manamisroy. Oops.


RAE said...

Sounds yucky! Hope it clears up quick.

Veronica said...

My sympathies are with you kelli! I had pink eye probably 17 years ago or so....but the pain is still fresh. Here's to hoping it goes away real quick!

Dawn said...

awwww, no pictures?

Sorry you're infected... heal quickly!

eve johnson said...

hey kelli! That sucks about the eye:( I was just reading the comment you left on my post and then realized that you're in BC too! What a small world. Have I ever met you? I see you know Rae-cool! Must let our goldies play if we ever wander to Kelowna! Hope you get better soon.