Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what I woke up to! While I was at Calligraphy class on Tuesday, my hunny had his own little crop time. He staged the photo shoot of himself scrapbooking, used my baby camera and the tripod, looked at my newest Scrapbook Trends magazine and made this layout. All on the sly too.
Late in the week, I got a decent amount of work done for the DYL class. I know I'm weeks behind, the class ended at Christmas, I'm working on weeks 6-12, somewhere around 8 now I think.

I have had the same old, cracked cell phone for almost 4 years. I only need a phone, not a camera, not internet connection, not a texter, that's what I had - the most basic phone. Who knew I could trade it in? We didn't until we went looking for a phone for Emily. So now I have this phone, mp3 player and camera. I've got my trusty ipod so the phone will only double as a camera in dire situations. Like last night, at Big White while tubing. My big camera is too big, my baby camera is too big and hates the cold. So I got crappy phone pics of us tubing. Not worth the money to upload them! And Shaun lost his very expensive phone while tubing, but his good ol' mom spotted it at the end of the run and saved the day, yet again.

I didn't love the tubing. It was scary, I got some air, my stomach was somewhere around my heart, it was cold, but the kids and Kerry LOVED it. Kerry said the best part was watching me. Most runs down the hill I had my eyes slammed shut, so hard that they actually hurt. I managed to open them towards the end for maybe 3 runs. And I probably did that many runs by myself, the rest of the time I had to have a seeing eye buddy.

I made these today for Emily and her friend, I used specialty paper for Copic markers for the inner pages.


Tara said...

Go Kerry! I knew you had it in you! He printed the pictures and everything all on the sly??!??? Sweet!

Veronica said...

Such wonderful pages and books you make. I might just have to get a bind it all so I can make all those little books you have been doing!

RAE said...

How sweet that he did that and you didn't know. You LO's look great!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day