Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Linus's big adventure

I will be the first to admit that I have a hard time controlling Linus. He's too big for my little kitten arms, and with all the dog obedience he's had, one would think he should be walkable. But I know why he's not. We won't go there.
Today was his big vet day. He has a lump/growth on his back that needed looking at. So I had to risk breaking my neck to get him to the vet. He was the big jerk I thought he would be, maybe more so because he decided that high pitched ear drum shattering barks would bring that darn office cat closer to him.

I need to clean his ears better, keep an eye on his bump and deal with his smelly, gassy hind quarters because that just might be the kind of dog he is. SWEET!!! But the best part, at least for me was this...
Vet: I'm a bit concerned with how much he weighs, 78 lbs, he was 73 lbs the last time he was in, which was in the summer.
Me: Are you saying he's overweight? {said with a little too much glee}
Vet: Yes, I'd like to see him lose 3 lbs. (really, 3 lbs. would never make a person overweight, but then I'm not 2.5 feet tall)
Me: Ha! (out loud - in my head, snicker snicker, Kerry you are sooooo done for!)

It's not the treats. It's more like the amount of food, and the lack of exercise which ....I distinctly remember a saying "If you dog's overweight, YOU aren't getting enough exercise".

But why am I so happy about the fact my baby dog is fat...because I told Kerry he was, I call him (Linus) Mr. Chunks, especially when he's trying to haul that 2 tonne ass up the stairs. Just kidding, it's only a 78 lb. bum. And Kerry doesn't think Linus is chunky and Kerry takes it personally.

My mom and dad went out and all they brought back for me was this prickly pinecone.


lisa dickinson said...

ah, we have a doggy on a diet in our house too - good luck :)

RAE said...

We got our dogs on a diet too. Sandy and Euker have both lost weight. It's only me that hasn't lost any yet LOL