Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday stuff

Quickly blogging before Desperate Housewives starts.
Yolanda posted this cute little mini album download at Pick of the Patch on Friday. I worked on it that night and put the pictures in today. It's about the dogs, of course.

I got my PotP kit and have used almost all of it making a bunch of cute things. Here's a sneak peak.

Sally typically stays away from Linus. He is so not her sweet baboo. But for some reason they both had to be on this dog bed. He was there first, she curled up between his legs. He's scared.

Linus likes to stand in the kitchen and watch me bake. He is always hopeful that I will drop something good to eat for him. He has no idea that I dropped pancake mix on him.

Other than that, Tara and I found her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dress in less than 5 hours.
Kerry bought me a Scrapbook Trends magazine and got it for $9.40, don't know how, but that's what the receipt says. He also baked a bunch today, Crinkle Tops and peanut butter brownies.


RAE said...

Your projects look awesome! I am sooo jealous...I am in serious paper. scissors and glue withdrawal and can't wait til I can get back to scrapping! The two dogs together is so adorable! Euker and Sandy would never do that together. Occasionally they will lay on the couch together but you can tell that Sandy stretches and tries to push him off.

Brenna said...

Love your mini book, looks great!