Sunday, February 01, 2009

GSP? WHO?{So not scrapbook related}

GSP? That's what I would have said a few months, even weeks ago. But I knew that a big UFC fight was coming and after kind of enjoying the last one I went to, I made plans to attend this one.
I knew that my friend M-R loves GSP, George St. Pierre, but I didn't know what he even looked like. Well, I do know. He's Canadian! He's got blue blue eyes and a tight bum! And he can fight, he's quick. Who wouldn't want to see that?
He fought BJ Penn, who kind of resembled the Pillsbury dough boy, soft and doughy. GSP won! It was a good fight if you like GSP!
Fightnight always makes me aggressive afterwards.
And as much as I like hanging with 'famous' people, I much prefer the famous scrapbookers to the famous mountain bikers. 2 of the guys at Dad's fight night are/were pro riders. They talk more than girls. I so could have taken the little guy down and stuffed a sock in his mouth. Overall, I had a good time, M-R is hilarious, she gets quite worked up.
I plan on doing a few crafty things today. Must get back to my mild mannered self!

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Veronica said...

LOL crack me up!