Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's Something

Kerry convinced me to go with him and the dogs for a little walk. I said as long as it was flat and not a long walk, I'd go. I filled my pockets with kleenex and we headed out. We ended up at Wilden, flat, not busy but lots of dog poop. I guess people in Wilden don't pick up.

Sally's mouth is huge in this picture, looks kind of like a Muppet mouth. I'm sure she's thinking "Look out Mom! I'm comin' to get you!"
Linus just before he got air or dropped like a rock.

The last thing I saw before Sally ran into me and knocked me on my butt. Not the first time she's done that. I think she's trying to get as close to the camera as possible. I've had numerous dog snot spots on the lense, thank goodness for filters.
Linus, after Emily was done with him. Poor guy.

After a morning of trying to run through foot deep snow, a pup needs his nap. He is on the floor, with his head on the couch waiting for me to pet him. This is usually when he starts talking. I'm trying to get him to say "Momma" and "I love you". It's a work in progress.

Check out those whiskers, Linus's not Kerry's. He's such a gorgeous boy.
All taken with my 50mm, SOOC. And I have cleaned my camera so that I won't give it pink eye.
I'm feeling much better today, I am hoping the worst is over. Yesterday I felt like I was drowning in snot. I have never used so much Kleenex in my life. My face is raw from the wiping of the eyes and nose.
We watched Stepbrothers last night, it was funny, a bit crude, rated 14+ and we sent our almost 13 yr. old girl out of the room for extended computer time because there were too many references to nut sacks.
I have done nothing crafty all week. I did manage to gag down some NeoCitron and get some calligraphy practice in last night. I think if anyone is looking to torture a lefty, making them do calligraphy would do it.


RAE said...

Hope ur feeling better today. Love the photo of Linus and Kerry. We took our dogs out this wkend for a walk too,the ground was muddy and damp with little mounds of dirty snow.

lisa dickinson said...

fab photos! and for some reason, the term "nutsack" has me giggling this monring :P feel better soon!

Brenna said...

Gorgeous photos Kelli, hope you're feeling better soon.