Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can see clearly now!

So the pink eye has left the building, without infecting any other family members, thanks to my obsessive washing of everything I touched.
Here's some stuff my clean and sparkly eyes have seen in the last 2 days. My Sally girl with her new look for the camera, for some reason she squints at the camera now.
Big baby Linus, co-operating as usual! NOT!

The only picture I Photoshopped, using Pioneerwoman's free actions. I need some new subjects to take pictures of. I have 4.8 GB of dog pictures, compared to 261 MB of kids, that's kind of sad.

The sun, it's there in the sky, kind of hidden.

The grass! The garden still has about a foot of snow, but this part of the yard melts faster, could be the fact it's over the septic tank.
My newly pedicured feet, Tara and I did a trial run for her weeding. A girl could get used to that kind of pampering.
If you look closely, you can also see the scratches in the hardwood, the flooring that we've had for less than a year.
The great little surprise in the mail from Lacintha ( ).

Here is the plethora of ribbon from the above envelope, and a big ol'Linus nose checking it out. He says that's some pretty wide rickrack and he can't wait to see what I make with it.

I HAD to go to Costco today, being sick no one did any grocery shopping and we needed food. But after being out for 2 hours, I'm now totally bagged and need to have a rest. I really want to get back into my crafty routine! At least now I have some food to sustain life as the peeps know and like it.


RAE said...

Great shot of the dogs! I don't bother in the winter but come spring I love pedis. Glad you're feeling better. I was getting used to seeing something new from you almost everyday and I have to've been pretty boring this last wk (ha-ha...just kidding) Like I'm one to talk, eh? :)

Patti said...

GREAT pupper pictures Kelli!!!:)
Congrats on the score of ribbon.

Heather said...

So nice of you to paint your nails to help Tara "weeding"! lol