Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anime Convention Part 2

I've posted all my pictures from the con on my smugmug site. I had a headache after lunch today and by the time Kerry got home I was goosebumps and vomiting foam. Sorry if that's too much info. I had a nap and am feeling groggy but much better.
Highlights in point form of the weekend...
- on the way home I got teary eyed because all three kids know
and sang the words to...
1) Billy Joel's For the Longest Time,
2) Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Fat Bottom Girls
3) Journey's Don't Stop Believing
- Emily ate and seemed to enjoy lamb (ick) and lasagna with spinach in it.
- I appreciate my air conditioner 100% more.
- Emily got a 'drafting' table with a light table built in from Ikea, S
aun and Illiana used their Tetris skills to get it in the van.
- I thought a guy wanted to take my picture at the con, he was actuall
y asking Shaun.
- I found a rainbow umbrella at the Richmond Night Market, I d
on't think we will go back there, it's too crowded and we just go for the food.
- I found rainbow socks at the con, so I can have double rainbow le
gs. Emily does not appreciate this.
- My RS-W1 was awesome, double rainbow awesome, for my ne
- I found Bib and spent some time enjoying con activities with
her and realized I need to sit in on more panels so that I can become a pro con mom.
- I realized that the best way to get shots is to do what everyone else was doing and run up to people and just ask "Can I take your picture?" and then they pose! Crazy posers! But makes for better pictures. As you can see below...

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