Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's oh so quiet here.

Things are in the works right now...
1. another trip to the happiest place on earth, most likely driving down so that we can eat our way to Disneyland
2. my birthday, I was asked what kind of cake I want, and I want carrot cake and instead of picking something that everyone loves, I stuck to my guns and said "I will have carrot cake!"
3. the anime convention (which means I had to turn down 2 photojobs, both involving love)
4. photographing a wedding at the end of the month
5. weeding my garden so that my 4-6 beets will thrive
6. went to a 'funeral' for a life cut too short
7. Dad busted his "swelbow" on his bike
8. Emily is going to Vancouver 5 days before Shaun and I are (I'm nervous for her)
9. killed 8 or more ants in the bathroom
10. took a bunch of things to the Salvation Army as donations for those that lost their appartment in the fire

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