Monday, August 09, 2010

RS-W1, I think I love you!

I think it was very fitting that I got my RS-W1 camera strap today from LaRae Lobdell's contest. I had told Kerry that if I didn't win the strap in the contest, he could buy it for me for my birthday. Black Rapid decided to give everyone that entered LaRae's contest a strap and my free strap came today on my birthday. I will try to take a picture of me with the strap all set up. It's so awesome, it will be great at the Anime Convention this weekend. I could write a sappy blog post about how on this day just a few years ago, my parents welcomed me into the world. But instead I'll tell you about my selfless cake day. Normally, I get an ice cream cake, I don't even like them. But everyone else does. This year, with picky kid in Vancouver for my birthday I decided to think of my cake needs. And so I got a big ol' Costco carrot cake for my birthday. And as it is when ever a Costco cake is at a party, there is about 1/2 of it left. I'll try to pawn some off to the girls tonight.I don't drink alcoholic beverages. But Palm Bay seems to make it to our fridge almost every week. I open a can, drink a few sips and declare alcohol putrid. Yesterday was a different story. I drank 3/4 of a can, and when asked how old I was by Dave (aka Mad Dog) I said 28. He laughed and said he didn't believe me. I said what the heck? What's not to believe? My dad was laughing and Dave kept saying nope, I wasn't 28. I was offended and then said "What? Did you ask me if I was 28, because I'm not! I'm 38!" Which made them both laugh harder. I was cut off.

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Sue said...

Hey Birthday girl!! Your camera strap arriving on your birthday - how perfect!
Those Palm Bays (all flavors) are yummy and I don't drink either! Cheers to you and many more!!!!