Friday, August 06, 2010

Woofs and Meows

Everyone knows I have a million pictures of Sally and Linus. I'm sure you've seen a few. They are some of the most photographed dogs in history. They are the most willing and co-operative photo subjects I know so I practice all my skills on them.
So don't fall over with surprise at the following photos. All are SOOC, taken with my Tamron 28-70mm lens. Such a good, sweet girl!
He's talking to me, he wants me to throw his stick. Woo woo Woo.
This little girl was posing all over the place for photos.

And not to be too baised but this guy is my favourite cat. I'm not a cat lover, but I'm a cat liker. This is sweet baby Tucker. My maiden name is Tucker. This cat is a lover! Just look at that face! Kiss kiss!

Oh, what? No kisses?

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