Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday to Tuesday in Photos

Firstly, spiders and their webs are a work of art. Spiders eat their weight in bugs there by helping humans....blah blah blah. This creepy crawly was at the top corner of our deck right above where the hose hangs and the bbq. If it landed on me, I would have died ofshock. The golf club is for reference. It's so far away from the spider because even big strong men were afraid of it.I get the heebie jeebies just looking at it.
Awww... how beautiful. NOT.
Measured the golf club for reference, got all creeped out. I should point out, we don't golf, and we don't know where the club came from, and it's odd that it's just the bottom part, not even the handle. I vaguely remember someone having it under their seat of their car 'just in case'.
When Kerry knocked the giant man eating spider out of it's web, he said including the legs, it was the size of a toonie. He also said it had the biggest spider butt ever. It met with a 2x4.

We took the big dog for a walk downtown. He is not impressed with the very expensive water dish at Stuart park. We have a feeling dogs use it as a toilet. We don't know anyone whose dog will drink out of it, they spend more time sniffing it. Here is where Linus will drink from, the lake and muddy puddles. Some teenaged kids were laughing at Kerry and his furry alligator. We get a kick out of how he lays down in the water and crawls on his belly well Kerry walks him.

Oh, double rainbow goodness! It was a double rainbow across the sky, almost a triple rainbow.
Kerry made this face at the last minute. With the rainbow and the tree, and the fill flash, it reminds me of a Sears portrait studio photo.
I made them pose in the tunnel, the lighting was horrid so I over processed with actions and now I like it.
I thought my dad was joking when he said he was getting a Harley. He was not.

I slapped together a little album of our Anime Adventure for Illy. I'm making one for my kids too.


Veronica said... must tell me that the Anime 2010 album is NOT finished! You blow me away Kelli! Still wishing I was you!

Sue said...

That spider creeps me out! We have some too but not that big. They look like the same kind though.
Love that picture of Linus and Kerry - minus is funny face.
Can't believe your dad got a Harley. What's mom say and do you think she will ride with him? LOL
Love your pictures Kelly:)

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

I LOVE that photo that you took in the tunnel! I LOVE the way it processed...and that spider...yucky!...I hate to say that I loved that photo, too, lol.