Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute things

 I'm putting my Cricut to good use. I have to because I promised Kerry I would. I spent the better part of yesterday cutting, scoring and assembling little boxes for my advent calendar class. Whew.  I'm waiting on my patterned paper I ordered to complete the boxes. They are so cute. Small, but they really only need to hold a couple chocolates.
When we went to the fall bazaar, we picked up fresh corn. I find it hard to eat a dozen by myself, I can do it over days but it's probably not the best idea. Kerry ate one and the dogs shared one. Kerry had to hold the cob because Sally didn't chew hers well enough years ago, and a cob in the tummy of a dog for 3 days doesn't make for great scents! 

 It was Dave's birthday and M-R is a vegetarian. So we thought it would be nice to get him a gift card for Johnny's Meats. I brainstormed and made this gift card holder for him.

 And on the way to their house, we saw this. A million crows/ravens flying over. We weren't the only ones standing on the sidewalk taking pictures. It was eery.
We are trying to decide what to dress up as when we go to Mickey's Halloween Bash. Providing Amy gets the tickets, I'm not sure if there's a huge run on them.  Any ideas?
Emily has already nixed...
- Flintstones
- Addams family
- Mad Hatter, White Rabbit
- anything frou frou

We can't have our faces covered, we don't want hot costumes, we must be able to go on rides or move in them.

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