Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Positive Energy

I'm a firm believer of positive energy. You get what you give. I read the Secret, and I think it's possible. That being said ...
I should have known better when I said to Kerry "Since we've dumped the negatives, we haven't gotten sick!" He replied that he wasn't going to participate in the conversation because just talking about it would bring it on. And then he knocked on wood.
And ... I know it coincides with Emily going back to school which always brings new germs back to us. And I've been having more classes which means more people in the house. But still...Emily got a sore throat and then 3 days later I got it.
So in following my theory of positive thinking...I'm positive I'm sick. But just a little sick. I made a good decision to not go to bunco and infect everyone else, and that means I also didn't eat a bunch of things I shouldn't and I didn't stay up too late. And I'm taking Cold FX. I feel better today than I did yesterday but I also haven't done anything today. I had to work yesterday, but I didn't go for my walk. I'm going today, slowly, but I think the fresh air and fresh Karla will help. And maybe I'll give her my germs, I think if you share, you don't have it as long.

The rest of the week...dentist, blah, Cricut arriving, yay, and then nothing houseworky will get done, and Stamper's Group, yay! I can't believe how large the group will be this time around. 8 and counting!

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