Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some things

1. We scrubbed and cleaned all tile floors in the house, and then sealed the grout.
2. Our house stinks of sealer.
3. I need a new vest. My MEC one is spewing feathers from some secret hole. And it's light pink and always looks dirty. I found a charcoal grey one today but then we said maybe we should look in the States when we go.
4. We are hoping to buy too many things when we go. Food, like Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses, Vests, Winter Jacket for Emily, Cricut Cartridges, etc.
5. I bought a Cricut. I cannot wait for it to get here.
6. I bought some cartridges. I cannot wait to cut things out for no good reason. I have been using Heather's Cricut and making tonnes of cute things. I give them to my neighbour.
7. We won't be here for Halloween, someone will be 'here' but Kerry, Emily and I will be in Disneyland. When Emily said "For Halloween I will be..." I interrupted her and said "in Disneyland!"
8. I told the kids they have till 2 pm. to clean and vacuum their room. You would have thought I said they had to cut off their arms and legs and donate them to science. It's 1:30 pm. No one has started cleaning their room.
9. We had our first Trick or Treaters last night. 2 dressed as a Siamese Ghost and one dressed as a dog. I gave them Caramel Apple Suckers. I'll give them rocks if they show up again tonight.

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