Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's Tasty Treats in point form again

1. I helped Karla make stick-in-your-teeth poppycock a la Jenn S.'s recipe.
2. I feel better in the day time, worse in the evening.
3. I must not look at ebay for Cricut cartridges anymore.
4. Dentist tomorrow, oh, joy of joys.
5. My Stamper's group that couldn't get enough people to sustain it self last week has reached maximum capacity, it's bursting at 9 plus me if everyone shows up.
6. Last week, I thought "Ah, Cricut, schmicut" and I thought I could live without one. I was wrong. Heather picked up the one she had borrowed to me and now I am lost. Until hopefully tomorrow, when the big brown UPS truck comes a-rumblin' to my door. I'm worried, I see by the tracking that it's 35 lbs. I don't think my kitten strength arms can lift something that big. And Kerry won't let me use my Harley Davidson wagon to haul groceries from the van, so I doubt he'll make me a ramp tonight so I can haul my wagon and my Cricut downstairs.
7. I watched Raising Hope, it was stupidly funny, it's on right after Glee. I love new tv show season!
8. Disneyland is getting so close, I can taste it. Oh, wait that's poppycock stuck in my teeth!

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