Monday, September 20, 2010

Pizza Re-Visited

I don't think I blogged about our 'last big dinner before our trip'.
After the last wedding I shot, we met at Bordello's. We'd heard that it was THE best place for pizza but a bit pricey.

We got there just before 5 pm, when they open and at a few minutes past 5 they were full and turning people away. We all picked our pizzas, 12 inches ones and our pops, in a can with a glass, more than $2 a can. The pizza's started at $11 and went up to $20.
Was it the best pizza? No. Was it worth the grand total of over $100 for 4 12 inch pizzas and 4 cans of pop and a plate of 4 paper thin pieces of salami, 4 of cheese, 4 olives and 4 garlic knots (strips of pizza dough tied in knots)? NO.
We could have gone to Costco, ordered 4 large pizzas, and bought a flat of pop and dessert and still only paid about half of what we paid at Bordello's. And we would have been eating pizza for two days. The service was lacking, the waitress couldn't get our order of pop cans right.
This is my pizza, it's green olives, and cheese, it cost $17, it's the size of a dinner plate.

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