Monday, September 27, 2010

PVR update

It's magical. But not that good. Kerry set it up for the Medium. And I was so paranoid, I watched it while it recorded. Years of having a bum video tape has made me that way. It worked just fine.
Did I mention 'we' opted to put it on my craft room tv because I'm the one that misses or even cares that I missed a show? Did I tell you I set it up by myself and only had to call Shaw once? Did I tell you they shut off the cable to the other box and we had to phone them 3 times that day?
Did I tell you we get the box for free for a year?
And I know I didn't tell you that Sunday Kerry checked to see what had recorded. And he was surprised to see Saturday Night Live was listed. He asked me if I'd done that, and thought I was pretty smart to think of recording it, we always fall asleep watching it. And when I said no, he thought the machine had thought to record it. After my little laughing fit, I told him that he did it, he must have been so tired the night before that he didn't remember going downstairs to do it.
Here he is at the St. Teresa's Church Fall Bazaar. Emily begged him to go on the tractor ride with her. He negotiated a ride at Space Mountain out of her. We might get that in writing!
I've booked the hotel for our trip. It's a bit sad that Shaun isn't going. I feel mostly for Emily as those two do so much together and she might be lonely hanging out with her parents. But other than that, we are mostly excited. We have so many lists!

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Anonymous said...

Did you know it will be Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy when you come? It is scary!! And it goes faster! Trevor never got to go on it last year but when we go on the 9th to see Victoria, we will make sure to get there early enough to get a fastpass!!