Thursday, January 22, 2009 more words needed.

Check out the Steak Bites. To die for. (And will probably be the death of me)

Had a small amount of the above Bites, falafels, tzatziki, and roasted brocolli and cauliflower for breakfast. Definately the breakfast of champions. (Champion Gas Makers that is, good thing I'm home alone.)

I'm getting tired of the waiting...I waited for the new catalogue to show up, I waited to order out of it, I'm waiting to get the product, I'm waiting for my POTP Feb. kit (I know it's still Jan., but I'm excited about this), I'm waiting for the weight to start melting off me, waiting for the sun to show up, for the snow to melt, for the weekend! Oh woe is me.


RAE said...

Mmm...those steak bites sound good!

I bet my list of "waiting for" is longer than yours and includes such things as cutting my own meat and feeding myself with my left hand again...sigh

Cheryl said...

I need a big bowl of those butter soaked meat chunks. A BIG one.

Veronica said...

yum yum....doesn't waiting just suck?