Monday, January 19, 2009

Have some fun with this...

Happy Inauguration Day! I'm watching it, I can't help but cry! What a day!

In other news, Emily trusted me to scan her latest drawing...she probably won't be happy to know that I'm sharing it here but I have to, it' s amazing. She printed the line drawing off the internet and the coloured the whole thing with Copics, white gel pen and watercolour crayons. Check out that was white, now it's shaded and has some crazy dimension to it. I'd like to take credit, say that she's a chip off the block, but she's self taught, using the internet and all the tutorials she can find. She wants to make some notebooks with her drawings on the cover to sell at this year's Anime Evolution convention, I think my trusty Bind-It-All and I can work something out.

I have to add that I scanned it 3 times, this is the darkest one, very contrasty but doesn't really look like this in real life.
It looks more like this. I'll leave the scanning to Emily.


Rarinstamp said...

That is gorgeous Em!!! Do you give lessons? lol You will sell a lot of pictures for sure - I've seen her art Kelly and I think she is fantastic!!!

Marina G said...

Wow Emily those are amazing. You are very talented.