Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm ready!

I like Christmas and all it brings, with the exception of over-eating and crappy drivers. But I'm ready to move on to January and the month of organizing. I don't know if that's officially a January thing but I do know that the stores swap out the holiday stuff for organization containers and all kinds of neat goodies to make your life tidier. I'm at the point now where I won't buy a container unless I know what I need it for. I used to just buy them and think they would automatically make my space organized.
The Christmas kitch has been slowly coming down today. And some of it is going in a box to be donated, some of it is being tossed out.
And with New Year's comes the new beginning feeling, the chance to start fresh, start over, whatever, for us, it's to get back on the eating healthy bandwagon. So today we had fruit smoothies, brought to us by our Margaritaville drink concoction maker, and pita pizza with actual veggies on it. No one's body went into shock from all the fruit and veggies so we are off to a great 2009!
Hope you are too!

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RAE said...

OH man...I need the fruit & veggies too. I ate so much last night I was disgusted with myself LOL Lets just say there should be a limit to how much pizza, chips & dip you should consume in one night! I need to get back to whole grains and salads (not tonight tho b/c there's still chips & dip left...tomorrow for sure tho).